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Before we tell you about this website and a little bit about us, let's ask you some questions (since the website is all about YOU):

    => Do you want to be THE dominant force in your marketplace?

    => Do you want to stop wasting time and money, not knowing how to attract patients to your practice?

    => Do you want all patients searching for a dental professional in your area to find YOU?

    => Do you want to avoid those nagging patients who eat up your time and never seem to follow what you tell them to do?

    => Do you want patients who follow your suggestions to improve their dental health?

    => Do you want more profit with less time, effort, and expense?

Let’s Take A Step Back

We'll tell you how to achieve all that as soon as we take a step back with you.

Think back for a moment to your graduate-training days. What was your vision back then for what your practice was going to be like? Who were the patients you envisioned working with – your Ideal Patients?

When you see yourself from back then, can you tap into the fun and excitement in the life you were yearning for? Think back to the kind of patients you wanted and how successful you would be helping them. And then shift to your personal life and remember what you hoped it would be like.

How much of that has come true the way you wanted it to, and how much can we help you make the shift necessary to achieve those goals and desires?

And now think about all the patients who have YET to learn about you. All those Ideal Patients who will pay you what you deserve, who will love you and tell all their friends about you (and leave positive comments on those all-important online review sites), who will stay with you for years to come (since it is MUCH less expensive to hold onto a great patient than it is to find new ones).

Finally… think about what it will mean to have your own Ultimate Referral and Follow-Up System. A system that attracts new patients to you like a magnet. A system that places your expert content all over the Internet, where 97% of people now search before making a "buying decision" for a local business, and a system that meets prospective patients on the Internet where your answers and your expertise can solve their problems.

But What If You Do Nothing And Your Profit Nosedives?

You should also think about what happens if you do nothing. Getting patients isn't getting easier, especially if you do nothing to attract them. How is your practice coping with changes in healthcare, changes in insurance reimbursements, and changes in our broader economy which, in turn, are changing the buying habits of patients everywhere?

They say that dental clinics and funeral homes are recession-proof — you can’t put off a toothache or a funeral. But professionals we talk with find out that you indeed can put off a tooth whitening or your regularly scheduled checkup.

And as reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Our data seem to suggest that the last couple years, certainly, have seen a decline in sales growth" in the dental industry, said Mike Lubansky, a senior analyst with Sageworks Inc., a North Carolina financial-services company. "Now, year to date, it seems to be slumping even further."

From 2005 through 2008, sales at American dental offices grew 4% – 6% a year, with handsome profits on top. But in 2009 and 2010, the growth slowed, and through 2011, sales are down about 3% and profits down 2.74%, according to Sageworks’ data, gleaned by polling its own clients and accounting firms.

Also declining are the number of patients visiting a practice for the first time. That number was down, or flat, for about 84% of dentists nationally in the second quarter of 2011, a survey from the American Dental Association says.

Clearly it’s more important than ever to capture the attention of those looking for a dentist, rather than letting them slip away to a competitor.

What Do You Have To Do To Be Profitably Successful?

When you follow our three Strategic Marketing Principles, you will be successful. You need to:

  • Get Found Online
  • Engage With Your Audience
  • Follow Up and Build Profitable Relationships with patients and prospective patients, using a comprehensive, automated system

This is the sequence that creates great patient retention and converts the 97% of people who currently search online for local businesses into new patients for your practice.

We will show you exactly how these three goals are achieved with the Dental Top Doc Legends system.

We will show you exactly what we do when working with clients to position them online as the dominant Dental Top Doc Legend in their geographic market and for their specific expert niche.

We will discuss the Four Phases of the system: Assess, Define, Create, and Monitor. And we will walk you through what takes place during each of those phases so you see how powerful they are.

Who Are We And How Can We Help YOU?

We’re Dr. Marc Kossmann, the entrepreneurial psychologist, and Charlie Seymour Jr, the video-crazed MBA marketer. Like you, we were faced with the job of building an Internet identity to show people our training and years of experience. And through our work we have discovered how to do that… and we're here to share that with you.

So – look around this site. Start with the FAQ button on the menu line, so you know what we're all about. Then click on the Expert Marketing Academy button on the menu line to see how we can take you from "obscurity and just getting by" to a "Celebrated Expert" who dominates a dental-services niche in your location.

And then contact us to let us know how we can help you – that's why we're here.

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr, founders of Dental Top Doc Legends
Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr
DrMarcNCharlie @ DentalTopDocLegends.com

PS: Come back to see the interviews we'll conduct with some of the area's best marketing dental professionals. And, while we're on that subject, why not tell us about YOUR practice and have us conduct an interview with YOU to publicize all the great things you're doing.


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